cordova-341536_1280Omaha’s One Touch program was led by Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA), which convenes a robust coalition of government and non-profit organizations providing lead, asthma, health, housing rehab, energy upgrade, and other social services to families in need. This One Touch program has visited over 2,000 families in its first two years, using a common electronic intake and home auditing protocol. Nearly 50% of the families visited were connected with services previously not available to them. Omaha’s One Touch partners collectively have secured over $1 million to help Omaha’s families.

One Touch is the cornerstone of our work in Omaha to combat asthma, lead poisoning, cancer from radon and smoking, and a range of other housing-related health problems. As a community, we now operate more effectively to use the resources we have to help families. The software and tools provided through One Touch make it easy to succeed“ Kara Eastman, Executive Director OHKA